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Mia Tarducci
Tarducci’s intense and expressive work is a sophisticated and highly emotive form of graffiti. Passionate and ‘in the moment’ she shares common ground with Action Abstractionists such as Jackson Pollock.
Joyce Werwie Perry
“I strive to express emotion in my work through the rapid manipulation of paint. The application and detraction of oils with knives creates extreme textures and variations in color.” 
Diana Dorozhkina
Diana is a known TV presenter, designer and artist with three MS degrees. Her primary focus is on design developments for mixing exotic skins and textiles which bridges fashion and art. 
Maximo Caminero 
“When I paint I’m capturing forms of an invisible dimension which I believe contain information about our destiny. Nothing is casual, everything is pre-written in our life.”
Fabrizio Gerbino 
Fabrizio Gerbino is an Italian painter and installation artist. His paintings meld representation and abstraction, evoking the uncanny experience of encountering a mysterious artifact.

25  Permanent Exhibitors 
2021 Fine Art  
Byrns & Sander
Callaghan Fine Paintings 
Cynthia McCallister 
Elemental Fine Natural Art 
Elke’e Antiques 
Ellen Liman Fine Art 
HGH Sculpture 
Lassiter Fine Art 
The M Collection 
Metal by David DeSantis 
Murray Galleries 
  Nicolo Melissa Antiques 
Paul Fisher Gallery 
Provident Fine Art 
Raphael Azran 
Renee Gruskin Artscapes 
Sandra Neustadter Gallery 
Shand Gallery
Smith Davidson 
Spencer Weisz Galleries
Steidel Contemporary 
Stella Fine Art & Conservation 
Villa del Arte Galleries 

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