Paris, with all its creative hotspots, exhibitions and training opportunities, exerted a magical attraction throughout the nineteenth century on artists from all corners of the world. New generations left their native countries to go to where the action was. The exhibition The Dutch in Paris 1789-1914 will present Paris with the work of Dutch artists like George Hendrik Breitner, Kees van Dongen, Piet Mondrian, and, of course, Vincent van Gogh. Not only did French artists influence their work, the Dutch made their mark on contemporary artists in France too. For the first time these works are shown in conjunction with each other. The Dutch in Paris can be read as a passionate love story between the Netherlands and France: painters take the viewer on a journey to the ever-changing French capital and show us the city with their eyes and hearts. The chosen works explore Paris and its development through images of Haussmann’s famous boulevards, nightspots like the Folies Bergères and districts such as Montmartre.


12.30  Arrival with lunch
 1.15 Welcome from Edwin Becker (Chief of Exhibitions Van Gogh Museum) and introduction by Mayken Jonkman (conservator of The Dutch in Paris 1789 – 1914)
 1.30 Viewing of the exhibition with guided tours
 3.00 End

Gideon Querido van Frank
Press Officer Van Gogh Museum

Save the date: on 26 October The Dutch in Barbizon. Maris, Mauve, Weissenbruch will open in The Mesdag Collection in The Hague. This exhibition is an extra chapter to The Dutch in Paris 1789 – 1914and is mainly focused on Jacob Maris. If you would like to attend this opening, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


Van Gogh Museum
Museumplein 6, Amsterdam

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