February 9–May 28, 2017

5-6, Dokseodang-ro 29-gil, Yongsan-gu
04419 Seoul
South Korea
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm,
Friday–Saturday 10am–8pm

+82 70 5097 0020
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D Museum presents YOUTH, a groundbreaking exploration of the freedom, rebellion, innocence and passion of youth culture, from February 9 to May 28, 2017. Featuring unique and highly personal interpretations of young life in the works of some 28 international artists, this exhibition attempts to convey the creative energy and boundless potential of youth.

Divided into two sections, the exhibition comprises over 240 works, including 200 photographs, 25 videos, and 15 graphic and installation works, offering a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted emotions of youth such as freedom, passion, rebellion, innocence and hedonism, curated with D Museum’s distinctive style.

The first section of the exhibition focuses on the raw energy of youth, opening a window onto its turbulent inner world through works that candidly depict a spirit of rebellion fueled by intense frustration and agony. The works of some 20 key artists, all highly influential in the formation of today’s youth culture, demonstrate the importance of the instinctive rejection of convention as a driving force for creativity. The second section celebrates the optimism of youth, introducing photographs and videos by six artists that vividly capture the thrill, joy, and hedonistic freedom accompanying this ambiguous stage of life. These works portray youth, an age to which we can never return, as the most brilliant phase of life, a time when anxiety is sublimated into joy and ecstasy.

YOUTH is an uncompromising depiction of the powerful dynamism of youth culture, delivered through the works of artists who capture life’s most special moments through a variety of fresh methods and perspectives. This unprecedented exhibition promises a remarkable experience, awakening us to our inner desire to break the mold and embrace the new.

Participating artists
Adrienne Salinger, Andrew Lyman, Boiler Room, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Chi Modu, C. R. Stecyk III, Darren Romanelli AKA Dr. Romanelli, Dash Snow, Deanna Templeton, Derek Ridgers, Doug Dubois, Felipe Pantone, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Jae Huh, Kwangkee Lee, Larry Clark, Madsaki, Masha Demianova, Nicolas Brulez, Paolo Raeli, Paul Franco, Richard Gilligan, ROA, Roger Mayne, Ryan Garshell, Ryan Mcginley, Scott Campbell, Yung Lean

D Museum
Daelim Cultural Foundation, founded in 1996, opened Hanlim Museum, Korea’s first specialist photography museum, in the city of Daejeon. In May 2002, the museum was relocated to Seoul and reopened as Daelim Museum. Since then, Daelim Museum has introduced a variety of creative concepts and forms in contemporary photography and design, now established as art forms within our everyday lives. Its innovative exhibitions, accompanied by a range of cultural and educational programs, have touched the lives of countless viewers. In 2012, the 10th anniversary of Daelim Museum, the foundation opened D Project Space, a creative facility for young Korean artists, in Seoul’s Hannam-dong neighborhood. In 2016, to mark its 20th anniversary, the Daelim Cultural Foundation took another step forward with the opening of D MUSEUM on Dokseodang-ro Street, also in Hannam-dong. D MUSEUM is bringing new change, reaching out to more viewers with the kinds of content exhibited until now at Daelim Museum, providing high-quality cultural and artistic experiences in a larger venue.

Dokseodang-ro, the street on which D Museum stands, is part of a charming neighborhood that attracts plenty of visitors thanks to its quirky ambience. The street is named after the Dokseodang, an institution created in the Joseon Dynasty period for promising young scholars to take a holiday while immersing themselves in study. By the late-20th century, the neighborhood was a hub of university life; today, the emergence of new residential spaces has ushered in a new paradigm. Located amid these currents of change, where diverse cultures intermingle freely and creative experimentation never ceases, D Museum aims to exist in a synergistic relationship with the Hannam-dong area, becoming a hub of art and culture together with all those who love style and inspiration.

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