What would it be like for a blind person to “see” their portrait for the first time? Recently featured in The Huffington Post, Examiner, and Vice’s The Creators Project, Please Touch the Art, a recently released documentary by Cantor Fine Art, focuses on the unique relationship between Myers and George Wurtzel, a blind craftsman at the Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind. Made of nearly 4,000 screws, each individually painted, and matched with Wurtzel’s features, Myers created Wurtzel his own tactile portrait

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Sam Cantor, paired with father and 30 year-seasoned gallery owner, Lawrence Cantor, are passionate about creating a new breed of contemporary art gallery to Los Angeles. Located in the Pacific Design Center, Cantor Fine Art, is not only meshing incredible fine art with advanced technology, but they are thinking way out of the box to help their artists tell the stories behind their work. In their most recent endeavour, Please Touch the Art explores the skill, reaction and mission of their represented artist, Andrew Myers.
Featuring a score by the Academy of Music for the Blind, Andrew Myers, Cantor Fine Art and George Wurtzel are about to teach the world how to make your life exactly what you want it to be, and just in under 6 minutes.
On June 24th, Cantor Fine Art will be hosting an exhibit titled, “Please Touch the Art”, in which viewers are encouraged to do just that. The powerful documentary will be premiered at the show, and you can check it out at the link above. The show will feature other talented artists such as Emilie Gossiaux (one of Wurtzel’s students who was the subject of a Radiolab segment), Laddie John Dill, Phil Reyneri, Caroline Jones, UCLA’s Augmented Reality Sandbox and Kayla Mattes.

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