HOLDEN LUNTZ GALLERY is pleased to present Marcus Leatherdale in Dialogs with great photographers in Palm Beach.

The twenty-seventh edition to the continuing series, “Dialogs with Great Photographers” is a conversation with Marcus Leatherdale. Gaining early acclaim during the 1980s for his photographs taken in New York City, Leatherdale is now also renowned for his portraits of the tribal people of India who he is devoted to artfully documenting for posterity. He discusses his evolution as an artist starting with his time as Robert Mapplethorpe’s studio assistant and his subsequent fascination with the Indian subcontinent. Leatherdale also offers insight towards his difficult process in finding subjects and achieving the unique portraits.

We have conducted a series of discussions with many of the contemporary photographers that we represent. They are original interviews that cannot be found anywhere else. Photographers’ motivations and personal insights can increase the viewer’s appreciation of their work, so it is our pleasure to share these with you!

Palm Beach, FL

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