Inspired by the beautiful coastline and ancient rocks of Pembrokeshire in Britain’s West Wales, Brendan Stuart Burns’ paintings in a new exhibition, “Flow & Pulse,” evoke and represent the lichens, rocks and flora, the sea and its birds, of the far western reaches of Britain. Trained at the prestigious Slade in London, Burns painstakingly draws and photographs the natural world of the region, which he then transforms into paintings that are semi-abstractions of that nature. His works are painted on tight taupe-ish linen, and often lightly embellished with metallic touches and deep, shadowy, impasto. Burns’ soft palette reflects his perceptions of the nature he sees, transformed into paintings that are both inspired and beautiful. He notes, “My work is not abstract in the formal sense, but it enjoys a relationship with ambiguity: it is concerned with inner emotion and the sensed experience of the viewer…” The sparely elegant Rosenberg gallery is the perfect venue for this work, which is on view until June 4. (

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