The George Gallery is pleased to present Aphasia, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Los Angeles and Charleston-based artist Tim Hussey. The exhibition will be on view from November 13 to December 4, 2015. An opening reception will be held on November 13, from 5 pm to 8 pm.

“Aphasia is defined as an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write,” says Hussey. “In an age of information storms and opinion bombardment, my thought processes become choppier, the threshold of word meanings becomes wider and I find that the abstraction of images as well as words and sentence structure, via intentional misspellings, repetition and positioning becomes just as powerful as a proper paragraph or narrative painting. “

In this new body of work Hussey seeks to frame the struggle between communication methods of the past, present and future. The artist takes specific efforts to note how benign or meaningful text; color, imagery or line can be in different contexts. “We only need fractions of signs, photos, words, instruction or even faces to instantly predict the rest of the story and what it means to us individually and as a whole,” Hussey says. “I have to imagine that this is more in line with how animals live, in a state of auto response to a system of fractional clues, all in the name of self-preservation. Maybe this long-term absorption of tiny fractions of data is not leading us to a more complicated and analytical space, but a much simpler one. Maybe this is how instinct is reborn. “

About Tim Hussey
Hussey’s large-scale canvases are a means of giving release to the unconscious, the feelings and instincts that exist beyond the realm of understanding. There is no initial plan, or elaborate drafting process; it all begins with the first brush stroke. Wherever he is compelled to go from there, he follows unquestioningly. “I work mostly from my gut – and behind any gut response is a collected library of past lessons, avoidances, desires, instincts, stories and philosophical and spiritual belief systems,” he explains. “The main goal when I paint is to avoid direct narratives, any imagery (however abstract) that I don’t feel as ‘the truth.’” What ends up on the canvas is unfiltered and raw, without any recasting of experiences or emotions through self-conscious or analytical thought.

A native of Charleston, SC, Hussey recently returned to his hometown after 3 years in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and the Parsons School of Design in Paris. He has served as art director for such magazines as GQ, Outside and Garden & Gun. Hussey’s paintings and drawings have been featured in Dwell, Architectural Digest, Harper’s, American Art Collector and the book Drown Then Swim (forward by Shepard Fairey). He recently completed a 26 x16’ indoor mural at Lantana Studios/Larry David Productions in Santa Monica. His mural-cum-memorial, created after the Charleston shootings, was recently featured on The Huffington Post, in the Charleston Post and Courier and on The Manuel, the popular men’s lifestyle site. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Charleston with his wife Elise.

To read recent press on Tim Hussey, please go to http://www.husseyart.com/about/

About The George Gallery
The George Gallery, located at 50 Bogard Street, Charleston, SC 29403 is a contemporary gallery. The primary focus is on both abstract painting and also work that has a strong textural presence. Please visit http://www.georgefalleryart.com or contact Anne Siegfried at anne@georgegalleryart.com or call 843-579-7328.
For additional information about Tim Hussey, please visit http://www.husseyart.com or contact Ricky Lee at mrrickylee@gmail.com.

Image credit: At Once, They Left 4, 2015. Oil, acrylic, charcoal, graphite on canvas, 49 X 64 inches.

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