Drawing inspiration from water, Cathy Choi creates layer upon layer of pigmented resin, each poured and pooling on canvas. She is fascinated with the physical properties of water, namely its movement and wavering surface as well as the metaphysical resonance through interaction. Born in Seoul, South Korea, the artist currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Nava Lubelski explores the conflicting desire to destroy and mend, randomly cutting and staining her work only to later embroider and layer a new narrative. The work jumbles archetypical masculine expressions of aggression with feminine artistry, resulting in a surface that vacillates between the two. Lubelski currently lives and works in North Carolina.

Heidi Spector’s bold, repetitive stripes incite a sense of musical pulsations causing the viewer to read and feel the works like an upbeat rhythm. Her use of bright colors imparts feelings of excitement and joy, sensations likened to those found in techno beats and nightclub atmospheres. Spector is based in Montreal, Canada.

Heidi Van Wieren creates delicate layers of glue studded with drops of ink. Gradually building depth, the colors appear to echo, maintaining vibrancy in the foreground and fading as the eye travels through the composition. Her finished pieces capture a sense of light, space and depth as the individual layers reverberate with each other becoming unified. Van Wieren currently lives and works in Michigan.

Heidi Van Wieren
Untitled, 2015
PVA, Elmer’s glue and ink
36 x 36 inches (91.5 x 91.5 cm)

Heidi Spector
Untitled (detail), 2015
Liquitex with resin on birch panel
55 x 27 inches (140 x 69 cm)

Nava Lubelski
Epic, 2010
Thread on stained canvas
24 x 24 inches (61 x 61 cm)


Margaret Thatcher Projects is located in 539 West 23rd Street, ground floor (between 10th and 11th avenues). Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. For further information, contact the gallery at info@thatcherprojects.com, or (212) 675-0222.

Margaret Thatcher Projects
539 West 23rd Street, Ground Floor
New York, New York 10011

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