Greeting its fourth year, Korea Artist Prize is a system co-organized by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA, Korea) and the SBS Foundation, devoted to the mission of promoting artists with great possibilities, vision, and new alternatives to Korean contemporary art. This year’s Korea Artist Prize will be celebrated at the Seoul branch of MMCA, Korea.

For the fair operation of Korea Artist Prize 2015, a steering committee (5 members), recommendation committee (10 members) and judging committee (5 members) were independently established. Each recommendation committee member endorsed an artist or group, and through strict evaluation process by the judging committee composed of international art professionals, four artists were selected to participate in Korea Artist Prize 2015. The shortlist for this year includes Kira Kim (b.1974), Na Hyun (b.1970), Inhwan Oh (b.1965) and Tae Bum Ha (b.1974), each of whom will present their latest projects in this exhibition. Henceforth, one artist will be awarded as the 2015 Artist of the Year through the final evaluation process during the exhibition period.

For this exhibition, Kira Kim’s tells the story of ordinary lives surviving the insecure today and Na Hyun’s displays the archaeological study of historical experience and city development of Seoul and Berlin in a solid way. Inhwan Oh extends the spatial significance of blind spots to the context of society and culture, whereas Tae Bum Ha reinterprets the attitude of mass media in delivering the scenes of accidents and incidents.

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