ArtPalmBeach celebrates its 19th year on January 20-24, 2016 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and is recognized as Florida’s longest running mid-winter modern, contemporary and emerging art fair. While continuing to focus on selecting the finest modern, contemporary and emerging art galleries internationally, fair organizers are excited to write a new chapter in ArtPalmBeach’s 19 years of history by unveiling the fair’s new international art programs.

Sculpture Invitational: A New Dialogue
ArtPalmBeach will host a number of large outdoor sculpture exhibitions in 2016. Sculpture exhibitions will be on view during the months leading up to the fair central public areas in Palm Beach. Additionally, sculpture exhibitions will be on view during the fair dates on the entrance plaza facing of the Palm Beach County Convention Center and the new adjacent 400 room Hilton Hotel scheduled to open in Spring 2016.

Edge Emerging Galleries
Edge Pavilion will add new emerging international art galleries less than seven years old to the 2016 fair edition. These galleries serve as entry points for artists to be in the and will offer fair enthusiasts dialgoue with emerging art trends from international art capitals of Paris, Berlin, New York and London.

With an understanding of the impact that these emerging art galleries have already made, ArtPalmBeach has created the Edge program. Edge will comprise of emerging art galleries who have excelled in curatorial efforts, expanded the understanding of contemporary art and have made a significant presence in their communities. Galleries who are on the Edge of breakthrough talent.

Works on Paper
With such a large number of artists exploring the medium of paper, ArtPalmBeach believes it is a perfect time to create a platform for exhibition specializing in Works on Paper Pavilion to explore the newest trends in art of the paper. Once seen as a historical reference in history, paper has now transcended to a contemporary medium through the uses of watercolors, pen, charcoal, perforation and sculpture. Works on Paper will highlight international limited editions, original works on paper and new forms of three dimensional paper art works. This program will be partnered with the Collector Lecture and Panel Discussion series throughout the fair.

Modern 20th Century Masters
Last year’s fair collectors overwhelming positive response to a exhibitions which were focused on early and late 20th Century masters including early Picasso paintings by Sorolla, Renior, Miro, Monet, Lam, Matta, Calder and Matisse. The 2016 fair edition will see a significant expansion in early historical works from Italian, French, American and Latin American masters. Juxtaposed next to contemporary works collectors works the fair will offer a rare view of never seen major early 20th century works from private collections rarely available on the market.

Brazil Honored Country
ArtPalmBeach hosts by special invitation Brazilian galleries, non-profit exhibition foundations and galleries specializing in both historical and emerging Brazilian artists. ArtPalmBeach initiates a new dialogue for local collectors to engage in the discovery of Brazilian art today. Brazil is Florida largest trading partner and has seen a flood of cultural exchange with South America’s most populated country. This new fair initiative will expand the fair’s 19 year mission of “Going Global”, bringing the best of international contemporary art to the Palm Beaches each January.

The goal is to enhance the cultural understanding of Brazilian art internationally and expand the Brazilian artists’ knowledge of the market in the US, by promoting space for exhibition, cultural events during the fair, lecture series on Brazilian arts, and innovative and targeted year-long marketing campaigns to help promote their gallery’s participation in the global art market.

Site Project Spaces
SITE is a new platform for fair exhibitors to exhibit large site specific art installations and exhibitions to expand artistic interaction with fair audiences. Fair visitors will be able to confront the latest in contemporary art, technology and mediums in new and individual ways. Participating fair galleries may submit proposals for these site specific installations, public art or other mediums including 3D sculpture to be selected to exhibit in SITE.

ArtPalmBeach 2016’s curatorial efforts are committed in developing a fair that can be engaged with at multiple levels. Our goal is to expand the number of diverse interdisciplinary works that can be appreciated by all fair audiences. fair

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