SATELLITE, a new project series brought to you by Brian Whiteley (founder of the Select Art Fair) and Art Market Productions, will debut this December 1 – 6 in Miami Beach. SATELLITE will populate vacant beachfront properties, with each distinct venue stewarded by notable art organizations and curators. The goal of SATELLITE is to initiate new conversations and to foster experiential and exploratory interactions with art.

2015 Curatorial Committee:
– Manon Slome
– Juan Puntes of WhiteBox
– Tiger Strikes Asteroid
– Sam Hillmer of Trans Pecos
– Brian Whiteley
*Curatorial list in Formation

“SATELLITE will repurpose existing structures in Miami Beach, utilizing over 30,000 square feet of prime empty beachfront property to create an in-depth, integrated arts and new media conversation, installation and activation. Located within a one-block radius on 74th Street and Collins avenue, the venues will be a block from Miami Project and a short walk from Art on Paper Miami.”

Brian Whiteley | Creative Director

We are very excited to be utilizing a joint shuttle service that will run continuously between Art Basel, SATELLITE, Miami Project, and Art on Paper Miami.

Presentation Space I
7410 Ocean Terrace
Miami Beach, FL

SATELLITE will take over all 39 vacant rooms of the former Ocean Terrace Hotel
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.03.50 PM

Presentation Space II
7433 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

Housed in the former famous Curries Steak House, SATELLITE will occupy all 7,000 square feet of this vacant restaurant.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.03.33 PM

Presentation Space III
7432 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL

Housed inside the former Surf Med Pharmacy, SATELLITE will take over this 8,000 square foot space.
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Presentation Space IV
North Shore Amphitheater
7300 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

1,400 capacity beautiful art deco amphitheater located on 73rd and Collins Avenue. This venue will present both performance art & music, sometimes blurring the lines between both.

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