Art Marbella

Art/Marbella ( will celebrate its first edition between July 30 and August 3 at Palacio de Ferias, Congresos y Exposiciones de Marbella.

Will be covered by Eleanor McKenzie, Art of the Times European Art Editor.

With strong representation from Spain, Art/Marbella will have important galleries
from Madrid, like Espacio Mínimo, Max Estrella, F2 Galería, Odalys Madrid,
Fernando Pradilla, Alimentación 30 + Salón, Daniel Cardani, Twin Gallery, L21
Gallery and APgallery.
Also attending will be Alarcon Criado from Sevilla; Michel Mejuto and Carreras
Mugica from Bilbao; Galería Pelaires from Palma de Mallorca; Gema Llamazares and
Aurora Vigil-­‐‑Escalera from Gijón; Set Espai d’Art, Area 72/Punto and Rosa Santos
from Valencia; Yusto/Giner from Marbella; Red Penguin from San Pedro de Alcántara;
STOA Gallery from Estepona; Art Nueve from Murcia; Rodrigo Juarranz from
Aranda del Duero; Bacelos y Adhoc from Vigo; and Saro León from Las Palmas de
Gran Canaria.
European galleries participating in Art/Marbella include Filomena Soares and Carlos
Carvalho from Portugal; Opere Scelte and FL Gallery from Italy; Narrative Projects
from England, and Mark Hachem from France. Scandinavian gallery come to
Art/Marbella supported by Finnish curator Aura Seikkula, and include Elephant
Kunsthalle from Norway.
Latinamerica will be represented by prestigious galleries such as Baró Galeria from
Brazil, Galería de las Misiones from Uruguay, and El Museo from Colombia.
Art/Marbella will have a space dedicated to institutions, including the Contemporary
Art Museum Antonio Domínguez de Haro in Granada and Art Slant, the american
multimedia platform committed to providing a social perspective on art.
Mexican artist and curator Othon Castañeda, responsible for the design and
decoration of the fair, has created an original layout with ample display spaces and
welcoming resting areas. Of particular note is the VIP Lounge, decorated with objects
from Cristal de Sèvres, created from fire and air, with origins dating back to 1750.
The artistic committee of Art/Marbella is comprised of five renowned international
professionals: Omar López-­‐‑Chahoud, independent curator based in New York, and
founder and director of the fair UNTITLED of Miami; Neri Torcello, Italian resident in
London, who will be in charge of selecting Master artists; and María Chiara Valacchi,
curator and director of the Spazio Cabinet Foundation in Milan; Bruno Leitao,
Portuguese curator focusing in Spanish and Portuguese art; and Aura Seikkula, expert
in Scandinavian art.
One of the most important exhibits on display during Art/Marbella will be a showing
of works by Nicolas Schöffer, considered the father of cybernetic art, organized by the
artist’s atelier and curated by Rolando Carmona.
Portugal, Contact Zone is a project curated por Bruno Leitao, with galleries Carlos
Carvalho and Filomena Soares, that showcases the current Portuguese art scene,
which has long been characterized by its links and interaction with foreign art.
The more emerging art from the Spanish capital will be represented in Madrid Now,
that gathers Twin Gallery and projects Alimentación 30 + Salón, presenting some of
the most significant names in the new generation of Spanish contemporary art.
Art/Marbella will host, on July 31, the first gathering of CPR – Curatorial Program for
Research (, an intensive research program for
international curators focused on sharing different local artistic practices and realities
from around the World.
Visitors to the fair will come across a small space dedicated to the artistic side of actor
Jordi Molla and the Olympic athlete Hubertus von Hohenlohe, one of the City
Marbella’s beloved sons.
Art/Marbella has prepared an unparalleled program that will gather more than 70
international collectors, who will stay at the luxurious Villa Padierna Palace Hotel and
enjoy private visits to CAC de Málaga and the Centre Pompidou, in addition to
attending exclusive parties at Marbella Club and Trocadero, both sponsors of the fair.
The official car of Art/Marbella is the new DS5, characterized by its advanced design,
luxury and care for detail.
Alejandro Zaia, an entrepreneur and founder of important fairs such as PINTA
London and PINTA NewYork, focused on Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish
art. Zaia is a director of the Collection MUNDUS NOVUS, dedicated to Iberoamerican
contemporary art, and previously was international advisor of MOLAA, Museun of
Latin American Art of Los Angeles, and the ART Museum for Private Collectors.
Zaia’s work and his commitment to promoting culture was recently recognized by
Observatorio D’achtall, with their annual award for the advancement of culture.
Sebastian Valdez is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in banking,
private equity and finance with companies in Latin America, the US and Europe. He is
a founding partner and CFO of the collection MUNDUS NOVUS, dedicated to
Iberoamerican contemporary art. He lives in London.

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