Leila Heller Gallery artist Arthur Carter will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Southampton Arts Center, on view from July 16 – August 9, 2015. The exhibition will feature sculptures displayed both outside on the grounds and inside the museum, where they will be accompanied by preparatory drawings, paintings and Maquettes. Also included will be a selection of Carter’s Orthogonals – wall reliefs featuring intersecting right angles made of varying materials including stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and copper.

Carter began working in sculpture in the early 1990s and has engaged in an intellectually sophisticated style since the beginning of his career. His rigorous precision and ability to conceptualize complex relationships between objects has played a key role in his success in four careers spanning five decades.

Carter’s sculptures make mathematical or musical allusions derived from his multi-disciplinary career. His sculpture Mathematika was inspired by the Pythagorean Theorem, and Suffusion is informed by the Golden Mean. In An Arc Connected by Two Acute Angles (2002), Carter uses the Fibonacci sequence to determine the relationships in size of adjoining triangles as well as their points of intersection.

About the artist:
Arthur Carter was born on December 24, 1931, in New York City. Trained as a classical pianist, he continued his studies in French literature at Brown University and received his AB in 1953. Carter has been a featured solo artist in many museums, including the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN; and New York University’s Grey Art Gallery; and the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT.

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