Music and Choreographed by CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON

A new spin on the Gershwin classic opened in
April—and has taken Broadway by storm

The magical combination of the music of George and Ira Gershwin, the superb choreography of Christopher Wheeldon and a fresh take on the story by Craig Lucas, all conspired to sweep the Tony’s this spring, garnering no fewer than 12 of the glittering prizes. Every aspect of this dazzling production is a delight, with its full orchestra, superb sets and lighting, and most of all, the breathtaking dancing of the entire cast.

Robert Fairchild, who admits he idolizes Gene Kelly, plays the male lead, Gerry Mulligan, with charm and grace. Leanne Cope, the slightly mysterious and elusive object of his affections, plays and dances Lise Dassin. Classically trained at London’s Royal Ballet School, she personifies lightness of being.

Set in Post World War II Paris, in a France just beginning to heal from a dark time in its history, An American in Paris is a fine romance that doesn’t dodge uncomfortable issues raised by the Nazi occupation. A terrific production, this show demonstrates night after night, matinee after matinee, that the Broadway musical continues to have the power to transfix and transform its audiences.

Photo: © 2014 Sylvain Grilpoix

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