“I made my work to be intelligible to me, with the casual assumption that if it made sense to me, it would to someone else.” – Donald Judd, Art and Architecture, 1983


Judd Foundation is happy to share that a fall 2017 Donald Judd retrospective will be exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Comprising more than 100 works of art gathered from public and private collections around the world, this retrospective aims to provide a multifaceted perspective on Judd, advancing scholarship on his practice and introducing his work to new generations of viewers. Organized by Ann Temkin, The Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, in collaboration with Judd Foundation, the exhibition will be installed in the Museum’s second-floor Contemporary Galleries. MoMA will be the sole venue for the exhibition.


“Half a century after Judd established himself as a leading figure of his time, his legacy demands to be considered anew,” said Ms. Temkin. “The show will cover the entire arc of Judd’s career, including not only quintessential objects from the 1960s and ’70s, but also works made before he arrived at his iconic formal vocabulary, and selections from the remarkable developments of the 1980s.”
“One of the most important aspects for the understanding of Don’s work is to see it in context with the spaces or with other works of his. This exhibition gives us a good chance to really demonstrate just how the art came into being and what Don accomplished with it. In context the individual works gather meaning,” said Flavin Judd, Judd Foundation Co-President.
The exhibition will address the great breadth of Judd’s artistic vision, which encompassed not only sculptural forms but also painting, printmaking, writing, art criticism, architecture, furniture design and land preservation, as represented in Judd’s permanently-installed homes and studios in Marfa, Texas and 101 Spring Street, New York.


The retrospective comes at a moment that coincides with Judd Foundation’s ongoing and comprehensive study of Judd works worldwide. As The Donald Judd Catalogue Raisonné kicks into high gear, it is wonderful to have this opportunity to share Judd’s work with the diverse international audiences that MoMA serves.

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