Art -historical projects spotlighted
at Art Basel in Miami Beach
Art Basel’s new sector, Survey, will launch in Miami Beach this December
with a strong selection of
thirteen art-historical projects,
providing insights into the work of artists
Rosemarie Castoro, Ralston Crawford, Henry Darger, Lenora De Barros,
Niki de Saint Phalle, Valie Export, Paul Feeley, PoulGernes, Tetsuya Ishida, Alison Knowles, Andrei Monastyrski,Lydia Okumura,Gina Pane,Lotty Rosenfeld, Alfons Schilling, Marcel Storr,
Michelle Stuart, aller Torres-
García and Alfredo Volpi
The13th edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach, whose Lead Partner is UBS, will
take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from December 4 to December 7,
2014.The first edition of Survey will feature ninesolo shows and four
thematic presentations. Charim Galerie from Vienna will present a group show with work by Actionists Andrei Monastyrski, who played a key role inlate soviet and post-soviet conceptual art; Valie Export, the pioneer feminist experimental filmmaker; and Alfons Schilling,
considered one of the early representatives of Action Painting.The exhibition at Art Basel will include rare vintage prints and a selection of objects by Andrei Monast yrski, conceptual
photographs byValie Export, and two rare spin paintings by Alfons Schilling.
Broadway 1602from New York will feature a presentation of four women artists
workingwith geometric abstraction in a groundbreaking and experimental as well as genre-
transcending practicethat originated in the1960s and 70s

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