As the inaugural New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, presented by the Palm Beach Show Group, drew to a close on Sunday, September 21, it was clear that the show had solidified its status as a premier event, kicking off the season for collectors of all kinds. The iconic Park Avenue Armory
hosted more than 25,000 international collectors of art, antiques and jewelry over the course of its five-day tenure. Touting more than 80 elite exhibitors hailing from the United States, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom – the
show introduced an exciting buying experience that exposed classical exhibitors to contemporary buyers.
“As the first important event of the season, we were able to bring together an elite group of international dealers,” stated Scott Diament, President/CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group. “With 30,000-plus items on display, ranging from European, Asian, to American, the inclusion of contemporary made for a tremendously successful show that compliments the fall season of events.”
The New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show welcomed more than 3,000 collectors, socialites, art advisors, interior designers and artists who eagerly waited in line around the block to experience the Show’s Opening Night event catered by New York’s distinguished Le Cirque International. Guests were greeted on this evening with a keen design concept of apple trees that lined the interior of the Armory’s elaborate foyer that led to a
distinctive art installation developed by renowned interior designer Scott Snyder. “It’s very exciting to have the Palm Beach Show Group join us here in New York,” stated Ellie Cullman, interior designer. “Not since the 1980s have I seen the crowds wait in lines to view a show at the Park Avenue Armory, I didn’t know it could happen again!”
Aisle after aisle of extraordinary collections were presented to attendees from impeccable booths detailing each exhibitors’ personal style and expertise. With a perfect mix of Asian antiquities, estate jewelry, textiles, prints, contemporary and classical art, as well as Exhibitors.
Image: Rob Samuels, Scott Diament & Dale Chlumsky

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