Ferrin Contemporary presents recent works by Lauren Mabry at
Independent Art Projects
in North Adams, MA from September 25 to November 16
DownStreet Art Reception at IAP September 25, 6–9

Mabry’s painterly work is a synthesis of intuitive, expressive surfaces and elemental forms. She boldly engages ceramic materiality in a process-driven practice.
The quiet forms Mabry paints recede in the background, so the colors clash and resound with a kind of musical timbre. The commanding surfaces flow with movement,
creating hypnotic tones and textures.
As one of the artists featured in Ceramic Top 40, Mabry was also selected for the 2014 Emerging Artist Award by NCECA, the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts. The award recognizes exceptional early career artists and seeks to bring their work before a wider audience.

Tempe, AZ
group show including the work of Sergei Isupov
Mesa Arts Center | Sept 12–Jan 25

New York, NY
Intangible Beauty: Beautiful Women and the Endless Void
includes work by Sergei Isupov
inaugural exhibition | Sept 6–Nov 1

Orem, UT
InCiteful Clay
includes FERRIN CONTEMPORARY artist Sergei Isupov
Woodbury Art Museum | Sept 1–Oct 20

South Hadley, MA
Inspiration in Clay: Sixty Centuries of Ceramics
features work by Kurt Weiser and Paul Scott
Mount Holyoke Art Museum | Aug 26–May 31, 2015

North Adams, MA
Ferrin Contemporary presents Sin-ying Ho
Independent Art Projects | through Dec 25

Vallauris, France
International Biennial of the Vallauris Institute
features work by Sergei Isupov
Hôtel de Ville, Vallauris, France | July 5–Nov 17


Clinton, NJ
A Clay Bestiary
group show including the work of Jason Walker, Red Weldon Sandlin, Sergei Isupov, Garth Johnson
Hunterdon Art Museum | Sept 21–Jan 4

North Adams, MA
Ferrin Contemporary presents the work of Lauren Mabry
Independent Art Projects | Sept 25–Nov 16

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