Exclusive Exhibit and VIP Preview to Feature the Most Varied Display of Original Posters by the World’s most Sought After Artists Including Lautrec, Mucha, Weiluc, Truchet, Cheret and Steinlen for Limited Time he Ross Art Group, Inc., a Midtown New York gallery has announced more very rare vintage posters to be added to the exclusive “In the Beginning” limited time vintage poster exhibition to take place Thursday, September 18th through Saturday, October 18th. A special VIP preview for media and invited guests will take place on the very first day of the exhibition, Thursday, September 18th beginning from 5-8pm. Collectors will have the unique opportunity to purchase the artworks during the exhibition.
which includes the coveted Jane Avril Snake Girl piece previously featured at MOMA, the retrospective will also feature more extraordinary works by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec including May Belfort, who was represented in at least ten of his pieces and who gained a reputation for corrupt innocence by appearing onstage as a baby holding a black kitten in her arms while she “meowed” her popular song “Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow-Wow.”.

Also highlighted will be Lautrec’s Salon Des Cent which features a young woman whom he discovered in Cabin No. 54 on his voyage from Le Havre de Bordeaux on the steamer Le Chili in 1895 and who he was subsequently fascinated by her beauty. It is not known if Lautrec ever met the woman who is subject to this outstanding vintage poster art.

Also a Jane Avril – Jardin de Paris is another rare piece by Lautrec which was used to advertise Jane Avril’s appearance at the Jardin de Paris, a new café on the Champs Elysees in 1893.

The highly collectible Alphons Mucha will be featured with the previously announced third set of The Seasons of 1900 and now his Salon Des Cent 1897 original poster. This rare poster was created for his very own exhibition at the Salon des Cent where he drew a life-like girl with a twinge of homesickness with a decidedly Slavic face and regional bonnet. The girl featured in the poster is adorned with daisies – a symbol of the Moravian fields where Mucha spent his youth. Other highly collectible original pieces from Mucha include Bieres de la Meuse, where a jovial beer drinker has her long flowing tresses adorned with some appropriate beer ingredients, including barley stalks and green hops and Byzantine Heads with Scroll-Brunette and Byzantine Heads with Scroll- Blonde, which portray Mucha’s mastery in creating two archetypes of the female form against a decorative background. Both women in each piece are portrayed in profile and have their heads decorated with beautiful jewelry. These two pieces also portray, for the first time, the perfect form of Muchas’s often-used motif, circle framing the head.

More highlights from Jules Cheret, Theophile Steinlen, and Abel Truchet have been added to the extraordinary and rare exhibition. These include Le Quadrille (1910 Truchet), Quinquina Dubonnet Yellow Dress (1896 Cheret), Aux Buttes Chaumont-Women (1888 Cheret) and Aux Buttes Chaumont-Men (1888 Cheret), Les Danseuses (1900 Truchet), Musee Grevin – Fantoches de John Hewelt (1900 Cheret), Moulin Rouge (1890 Cheret) and as previously announced Mucha’s Job (1895), Lautrec’s La Troupe De Mlle Eglantine (1896 Lautrec), Steinlin’s Motocycles Comiot-Before Letters, Theatre da la Tour Eiffel (1893 Cheret) and more prized pieces of illustrated European poster history.nFrou Frou by Lucien-Henri Weiluc (Lucien-Henri Weil), a rare advertising image that graced the cover of the first edition of the famed “Le Frou Frou” satirical humor magazine published in Paris (1900) is also available.

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