Fall is the perfect time to make living spaces more inviting and exciting, and nothing brings personality and pop to room like a one-of-a-kind piece of striking artwork. Warm up any space with rich color, innovative design and breath-taking shapes of Doug Frates Glass.
With a passion and eye for interior design, Doug Frates is the cutting edge in glass design and creates stunning pieces known for their unique and difficult-to-achieve patterns and forms. Doug Frates Glass takes inspiration from the past while forging a new future of liquid form and vibrant color to maximize and enhance the beauty of any room and meet the needs of any design plan. Any creative concept a room demands, Doug Frates can bring to fruition, offering clients and customers color customization options—something that no other American glass studio provides.
“We love working with clients to fill their needs and to surround them with creativity,” said Frates. “When we produce something, it is not just another off-the-shelf item. It is a piece of unique one-of-a-kind art glass that has its own creative flow and features. Having clients be part of the process is fun and fulfilling their needs is gratifying.”
From the swirling beauty of Taffy Wall Lillies to the intense figure and colors of dramatic Ripples, Doug Frates glass catches eyes and turns heads. There is a piece or concept for any space in any room from small accents to striking wall displays. Plus, every wall mounted product comes with an attached bracket for hassle-free and safe securing. Doug Frates is dedicated to keeping current in the design world while pushing the envelope in glass art and design and is committed to providing clients with unique and stunning pieces.
“We are constantly striving to be unique, different and ahead of the game when it comes to home decor,” Frates said. “The neat part about this is how far ahead you can be! We enjoy having fun [with our projects] as well as being allowed to be creative. Working with our clients is just another element to add to what we do best!”
The perfect way to crown a room or step up ambiance, Doug Frates is any interior designer’s or stylish homeowner’s dream with customizable pieces available Wholesale and through design outlets including Cantoni design stores, Contempo stores, High Point Market in North Carolina and Dallas Market Center in Texas. Clients and designers alike love Doug Frates advanced and innovative design options and can be sure to receive a one-of-a-kind and stunning piece that will continue to awe and impress all that see it.
Doug Frates Journey into glass began after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq as a U.S. Marine. Determined to follow his passion for the fiery radiance and liquid color of hand-blown glass, Frates began his study of the art form and its various techniques. His talent was immediately apparent and under the guidance of instructors, he endeavored to bring new and innovative effects to the trade and to make American art-glass the focus of a promising and dynamic career. Doug Frates is now considered one of the premiere art-glass artists in the country.
Nationally and internationally known for unique work, Doug Frates Glass has consistently won awards including “Best in Glass” at the Tulsa International May Fest, Best in Show at the Panopoly Fine Arts Festival and many more. Doug Frates pieces have also been featured in industry publications including Glass Art Today (listed as one of the world’s 130 best glass artists), and Best of Worldwide Glass Artist.
For more information please visit http://dougfratesglass.com or contact [email protected]

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