Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, Wednesday March 21st at 8 PM and
Kevin Costner and Modern West, Saturday, March 31st at 8 PM

Fort Pierce – The Sunrise Theatre is having another record-breaking season in 2012! From their recently added shows such as Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Vince Gill and Roger Hodgson (of Supertramp), to their 2011/12 Season showstoppers such as Bill Cosby, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Bob Newhart, Sinbad, Foreigner, 38 Special, BB King, Willie Nelson and others, the Sunrise Theatre is making a name for itself as the most intimate, 1200-seat venue, offering the BEST ENTERTAINMENT, ON THE TREASURE COAST. And it keeps on getting better and better! Today, the Sunrise Theatre announces the addition of two (2) new shows:

1. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, Wednesday March 21st at 8 PM (following The Taste of St Lucie, which is also taking place that night in Historic Downtown Fort Piece) – Sponsored by THE WAVE 92.7

2. Kevin Costner and Modern West, Saturday, March 31st at 8 PM – Sponsored GATER 98.7

1. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt
Ever wonder what it would be like to invite the legendary singer-songwriters John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett over to your house for an evening of song and good times? Well that is exactly what you’ll get, Wednesday, March 21st at the Sunrise Theatre.

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt are on tour together; performing in small, intimate theaters for sold out audiences. They two are so comfortable with themselves that they make you feel like you are sitting in the living room with them, getting to know them better through their songs.

In the 25 years since the release of his first self-titled album, 4-time Grammy®-award winner, Lovett has released 14 recordings (with sales of more than 4 million) and acted in a number of films (Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” and “Pret-a-Porter,” among them) and TV shows (including “Mad About You” and “Brothers & Sisters”).

And, in the past few years, he has alternated tours with his Large Band with songwriter circles and acoustic shows with Hiatt. “The show that John and I do is not scripted in any way, and we do not discuss at all what we’re going to play. John always plays first — we go in alphabetical order — and what I play is determined or suggested by what he plays first.
And we just go from there. It’s very relaxed, a free exchange,” said Lovett.

In these “together” shows, Lovett and Hiatt take turns playing songs from their huge repertoires and at times sing harmonies or play guitars on each other’s songs. Audiences may be treated to some truly cool jam sessions.

Active since 1980, Lovett has recorded thirteen albums and released 21 singles to date, including his highest entry, the number 10 chart hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Cowboy Man”. Lovett has won four Grammy® Awards, including Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album. It’s Not Big It’s Large was released in 2007, where it debuted and peaked at number 2 on the Top Country Albums chart. A new studio album, Natural Forces, was released on October 20, 2009 by Lost Highway Records.

John Hiatt is an American rock guitarist, pianist, singer, and songwriter. He has played a variety of musical styles on his albums, including New Wave, blues and country. Hiatt has been nominated for several Grammy®
Awards and has been awarded a variety of other distinctions in the music industry. He remains one of the most respected and influential American singer-songwriters.

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So, if you’re planning on going to the “Taste of St Lucie”, also taking place that night in Historic Downtown Fort Pierce, plan to stay for a little while longer, and enjoy one of the best Country duo’s in town. Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, together, for ONE NIGHT ONLY, at the Sunrise Theatre. Tickets are $59/$49 and go on sale to Sunrise Theatre Members, Friday February 3 at 10 AM, and to the General Public, Monday, February 13 at 10 AM.

2. Kevin Costner & Modern West
Kevin Costner Kevin grew up with a deep love for and interest in music. Learning piano and then guitar, young Kevin sang in church choirs and in school productions. Motown and The Four Seasons caught his ear growing up, along with the later sounds of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, and Sting — artists that no doubt inspired Kevin’s love of strong, lyrically-driven melodies and harmonies.

A fortuitous meeting with John Coinman, at the onset of Kevin’s acting career, bonded the two men in their love of music and they began writing and performing together along with another friend, Blair Forward. Together they formed the band Roving Boy. As Kevin’s acting career took off and made ever-increasing demands on his time and focus, he was faced with a tough decision as to whether to continue acting or to follow his musical instincts. Acting won out and music became a private pastime, but the hobby would come front center once more in the years to come.

Ever loyal to his friends, Kevin continued to involve John Coinman in a musical capacity on various movie projects. A Few years ago, around the time of the shooting of The Guardian, Kevin’s wife, Christine, encouraged him to once again take up his guitar and pursue his love of music.

Kevin, John, and Blair got together and found they still enjoyed making their brand of music, and Kevin made the decision to form a new band. John recruited lead guitarist and producer Teddy Morgan, drummer Larry Cobb, and Park Chisolm, and Kevin Costner and Modern West was born. The group quickly developed an easy friendship and a shared love for the sound they created.

There’s an undeniable inherent curiosity factor among some members of the audience as to what a Hollywood actor/director/producer is doing performing in a band. But, no doubt, the Sunrise Theatre audience will be in for a special night and soon realize, that beyond Kevin’s good looks, charm and acting abilities, is a soulful musician with a passion for music. In fact, audiences the world over have appreciated the passion and exuberance of Modern West’s original music and performances.

Kevin Costner & Modern West shows are up-close and personal experiences. “I prefer our performances to be in intimate settings, where the audience can literally be “within reach” of the band,” said Costner.

Don’t miss this chance to create a connection with Kevin Costner & Modern West, for ONE night only, at the Sunrise Theatre in Historic Downtown Fort Pierce, Saturday, March 31st at 8 PM.

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Tickets are $49/$39 and go on sale to Sunrise Theatre Members, Friday February 3 at 10 AM, and to the General Public, Monday, February 13 at 10 AM.

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